Alaska State Marine Parks

These areas are home to no less than 20 state parks like Decision Point, Entry Cove, Surprise Cove, Ziegler Cove, Granite Bay, South Esther Island, Bettles Bay and Horseshoe Bay,  Shoup Bay, Sawmill Bay and Jack Bay, Canoe Passage, Boswell Bay and Kayak Island, Thumb Cove, Sandspit Point, Sunny Cove, Driftwood Bay and Safety Cove. Visitors can enjoy camping in Ziegler Cove, Surprise Cove, South Esther Island, Decision Point, Shoup Bay, Jack Bay and Thumb Cove. Wally H. Noerenberg Fish Hatchery offers free tours of its facility and surroundings while hiking trails are available at Sunrise Cove, South Esther Island, Thumb Cove and Shoup Bay.